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S8: #078: Dr Eliza Filby on Transforming Health for Different Generations

30 minutes

Redesigning Healthcare with a Generational Perspective

How do the experiences of different generations of people shape and inform their attitudes, expectations and perceptions of healthcare today and in the future? And if we focus our attention on redesigning healthcare for those current generations of adults who place the highest demands on it today, are we overlooking the needs of younger generations of adults and future generations who don’t yet have similar demands of the system?

In this episode we explore these issues with Dr Eliza Filby. Dr. Filby is a historian, author and consultant who understands the differences in values and behaviors across different generations. She is currently writing a book called ‘Our Place in Time’, and she works with companies to address multi-generational challenges such as recruiting Generation Z employees, retaining Millennial talent, and dealing with a multi-generational client or employee base. We dive into how people in Generation Z have an entirely different view and perception on data, automation and the value of personal and human interactions, and the impact that these differences may have on their demands and expectations of healthcare solutions and experiences.

Today's Topics:

  • The characteristics or traits of Generation Z:
  • 1. Skepticism – skeptical towards establishment, politician, products and even the future
  • 2. The DIY generation – because of the exposure during deep recession. Setting up businesses online. Highly savvy and entrepreneurial
  • 3. Much more comfortable with the notion of fluidity – that nothing is permanent
  • 4. Incredibly serious – not indulging in the traditional right of passage. They don't drink or smoke as much, or have as much sex as other generations at their age. However, they do have high number of anxiety and mental issues like depression.
  • How Generation Z experience physical media consumption in comparison to the the online world
  • How they perceive and prioritize personal interactions
  • Generation Z's interaction with Health and data, and their engagement with ‘luxury'
  • The attitude of Gen Z towards healthcare products, data security and their collective approach rather than individualistic values

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Start listening to S11: #110 Introducing the Host of the New Asia Pacific Edition: Tony Estrella